Sunday, July 12, 2009

It Was Inevitable....One Shoe

As usual, Connor was busy, busy, busy while we were in Prague! Check out those feet running, running, running! I have told you in the past about Connor's foot fetish and her reflex for shedding her shoes. Well one day while exploring Prague I looked in the stroller and sure enough - there was only one shoe. There was no telling where the mate had disappeared to. We had been everywhere.Plus we rode the budget airline, Wizz Air, to Prague. The catch on these flights is you can pack barely more than your toothbrush and a change of underwear to stay within the strict luggage weight limit. So I only had this one pair of shoes with us. I wondered for a minute if it would be possible for us to continue the trip shoeless - but laughed at the mere idea. Connor needed a new pair of shoes!

We went to a department store along Wenceslas Square in "The New Town." Of course no matter how much I gestured or mimed the sales lady completely ignored me. Especially challenging since I know squat about European shoe sizes. I finally found some little girl shoes I liked that weren't crazy expensive and even if they were several sizes too LONG for Connor's feet - they fit widthwise. They would have to do! No thanks to the sales lady who spoke not a lick of English and didn't seem willing to participate in my desperate game of motions.What do you think of Connor's new Czech shoes?!?! I plead with Connor to keep these on her feet. And she did, somewhat.....

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