Thursday, May 21, 2009


I give up. I cannot get my daughter to keep her shoes on. She is obsessed with taking them off - and socks too when she doesn't have on tights. She knows my wishes - and will happily chant "Mommy says, no shoes off! No shoes off!" and all the while she is unbuckling shoes and peeling them off.Maybe it has something to do with that tickling toes obsession she has!?! But I declare she is always taking shoes off exactly when I am about to take her out of the car or somewhere she will need them. And there have been SEVERAL times when I have been walking along the sidewalks of Europe and someone yells out to me in French and I look back only to see a shoe they have retrieved that has been pitched out of the stroller. It is a miracle we haven't lost any shoes for good just yet.
You know, some battles just aren't worth winning all the time and I am about to cry "mercy" on this one! I am sure if I got Connor some lace up shoes we might have more luck, but there really aren't many lace up shoes for baby girls.

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