Friday, May 22, 2009

Kiss the Boo Boo!

Boo boos are just part of toddlerhood - that is for sure. Connor has dropped pots on her toes, fallen down and scraped her knees and bumped her head more times than I like to remember. I am a worrywart about blood and injury, but Connor seems to take it all in stride. And like many children she is fascinated with her boo boos when she gets them. It amazes me how big of an impact a kiss can really be in comforting a child's scrapes and scratches. Connor will ask "what happened?" or walk towards me saying "hurt, hurt!" insisting on an immediate kiss while bringing her boo boo prompty over. And the kiss seems to routinely bring back her joyful smile.
Speaking of kissing boo boos, this book about baby kisses is one of Connor's favorites and we have so much fun bestowing kisses with every page. We count all the kisses and Connor makes absolutely sure that we kiss both sets of toes/knees/eyes/whatever appropriately, giggling the entire time!

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