Sunday, July 12, 2009


I grew up with Thriller and Bad and Billie Jean. I think Michael Jackson was an incredible artist and was saddened by his sudden death. I even admit, I watched the memorial service last week - I thought it was pretty creepy, but whatever.

Honestly though, when I set foot in Prague's classy Old Town Square I was shocked to find this MJ memorial smack in the middle of it all. Y'all THIS IS PRAGUE! Were the Czechs even allowed to listen to Michael's music when it came out?!?!?I hope wherever he is that Micheal Jackson is moonwalking away in carefree peace. What a strange, brilliant, eccentric life. One we will always remember through his top hits.
But good golly I hope that by now Prague's Old Town is back to commemorating a rich history of art, war, and sacrifice rather than of Michael Jackson.

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