Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So Tired

Being a parent is tiring. Being a parent while touring Europe is utterly exhausting. When we were in Provence we were putting Connor down to sleep. We stay with her now while falling asleep in hotel rooms. It still takes her a while to get used to a new spot and after she got out of her crib in Greece we don't want to take any chances. Anyway, it is more of an ordeal. Kirk's tactic is to lie right parallel to her crib and sing to her. This usually works and promptly puts BOTH of them to sleep. Afterwards I have a hard time getting Kirk off the hard floor!

In Provence we both fell fast asleep one night fully dressed while lulling our angel to sleep. I mean Kirk still had his belt on and I had my contacts still in. We were OUT! And there was no waking us! Mom said she tried, but we were firmly in dreamland. We woke the next morning unsure of what time it was and what had happened. A strange feeling to have slept through the night fully clothed. Oh well. One of the casualties of toddler parenting! At least we got a full night's sleep!

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