Monday, June 1, 2009

The Marbles in Arles!

While in Arles we stayed at a fabulous place - Hotel le Calendal. It was literally steps from the Arles Roman Arena - right in the middle of everything - and the staff anticipated all needs. There were plenty of free laptops to check email and a cafe on site to sell croissants, coffee, and Cokes. You know all those essentials! The rooms were even pretty spacious; ours had an enormous bathroom!

But by far the best part about Hotel le Calendal was all they had to entertain children. Connor was instantly mesmerized with the marble sculpture in the lobby where marbles are pulled up a bike chain levy and dropped down like in a pinball machine.She watched the "marbles go down" forever. It was a terrific break for us and to this day (2 weeks later) Connor still spontaneously talks about how the "MARBLES GO DOWN" (complete with hand motions mimicing the marble motions) several times a day. What a hit!
I have decided that any hotel with toys and crayons - and especially with kid friendly sculptures like these - are worth their price in gold! This was our last night before we took the train back to Paris and put Mom back on the plane to USA. Our train from Marseille to Paris was delayed stretching it to a 6 hour ride, but luckily Connor made a friend in Mael. They played and played and sang "Bateau, Sur L'Eau" (Connor's favorite French song) together. The two of them with their matching blond hair were so sweet!
Mom headed out the next morning. We joined her for breakfast at the airport and had a tearful curbside goodbye. It was a magnificent visit. We saw and did so much. But we also had time to play and laugh and take in all things Connor! Farewell Lin Lin! We love you!!!!

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