Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kirk's Latest Craft

In Europe - and especially in Belgium - the daylight savings time is so wacky. It doesn't START to get dark here now until around 9:30 PM. And the darkness doesn't really set in til around 10:00 PM. I am not complaining - it is wonderful. Except when you are trying to put a child to sleep by 7:30 PM. Then the rays are quite confusing.

And they were especially baffling to Connor...."But MOM, why can't I stay up and play with you and my toys?!?!""I mean it is bright as can be outside!!!""And you know how dark it gets in the wintertime. Can't I just stay up and sing, dance and play? Puh-lease!!??!!!"This face makes it so hard for us to stay firm and stick to our guns with a consistent bedtime.I mean wouldn't you give in too?

Well my brilliant husband had a solution. I had been on the lookout for a blackout shade for Connor's room, but measuring the window in centimeters (not inches) and then finding it at the Brico store had taken a backseat to everything else. Finally Kirk decided to jump on my crafting bandwagon. I was delighted when he came up with the idea and made his very own blackout shade for Connor!Although can you really still call it a "Black Out" when it instead is a rainbow of colors? We LOVE it and Connor is indeed sleeping better thanks to her Dad's handiwork!Look out Martha Stewart! Here comes Kirk!!!! Everyone who comes over loves the black out rainbow. Last week we hosted our BCT Playgroup and all of the kids wanted nothing to do with the toys in the living room. Instead they wanted to play in Connor's room. Can't say I blame them!

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