Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Game Night

Last night our friends Laura and Shawn came over for a "Friday Night Game Night." It was tons of fun. We had make your own pizzas followed by make your own ice cream sundaes. Delicious! What could be better? Sometimes it is invigorating to just make it yourself! It even tasted halfway American. After dinner while watching Roger Federer eek out another win against del Porto in the fifth set, we played the board game 'Wits and Wagers.' This game is a hilarious combination of betting and trivia; we played til our sides hurt from laughter. Of course everyone took a turn winning except yours truly. Too bad I love board games so much but am so stinkin' awful at them. Laura and Shawn move back to the USA in July, like so many of our expat friends making the summer exodus. We are so happy we had the chance to know them and wish them well. I love "Friday Night Game Night"....when life settles down and gets a bit more predictable I hope it will become a family tradition.

Also of note, today - June 6 - is the 65th anniversary of the D Day Invasions in Normandy, France. There have been ceremonies all day commemorating the milestone anniversary and the veterans who served so courageously. I hope the USA is also marking the occasion with top publicity. The men must be at least 85 years and older. They say this might be the last "big" event with so many veterans still alive. Hats off to those who fought valiantly for our freedom.

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