Friday, June 5, 2009

My Mom the Artist!

My mom just started drawing a year or so ago. Growing up she would always encourage my art ability, so sure I got my great grandmother KK's genes. KK was an extraordinary artist. Mom would always cheer on my use of color and spacial perception with the KK comparison. What she didn't know is that she was the one with the untapped talent.

Let me just show you her skill. We took this photo of Connor at the beach in June of 2008. Connor just started walking on her own and these were her first independent steps at the beach. For our birthdays this year Mom did the following pastel from the above photo:
Keep in mind this is a photo of a photo - the original drawing is framed at Mom's house awaiting our return. I think she captured the movement of the water and the shape of Connor's head just perfectly. I cannot wait to see her masterpiece in person. A gift to treasure! KK would be proud of you, Mom! Thanks for all the love you put into this special work.

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