Sunday, June 7, 2009

Connor's Newest Words

This morning at breakfast I had a croissant on my plate. We hadn't said anything about it or mentioned the word. Connor gazed up at me and plain as day asked, "May I have a croissant?" My teeth almost fell out. What kind of 2 year old spontaneously knows the word for croissant? It is not one I have ever stressed or practiced with her. We had a good laugh after that.

The other word that Connor has down pat is "passport." She knows what passports look like and loves to see all of our photos in them.

Just two more ways our little girl shows she is definitely a Belgian expat and world traveler.


Stacie B said...

That's adorable.

Next up, "May I please have the car keys?"

Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

Actually she doesn't even bother to ask if she can have the keys, she just asks "Baby drive?"