Saturday, April 25, 2009

Street Musicians

These guys are my very favorite street performers in Brussels. They are the very first act I ever donated to on the street. I am not big on spontaneous donations like that, but honestly I couldn't pass this trio without reaching into my pocket just to say thank you for making me smile. Sorry it isn't a very great photo, but the best part is that their music is lively, peppy, and foot-stomping fun. And every now and then the guy in the middle will let out a "Yeah!" in harmony. The "Yeah!" is the perfect touch to humanize the trio and draw you right in.These guys are often right on the main shopping street next to the Grand Place. Now that the tourist season is in full swing and the streets are that much more jam-packed these guys are there all the more. I dare you to walk by without doing just a little dance!

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