Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frozen Peas and Corn

To all moms out there: a way to make veggies a little more exciting!

Connor has been eating frozen peas and corn with dinner. She loves it. It is so easy because all I have to do is literally dump the peas or corn from the freezer bag onto the plate and wa-la vegetable course is made. Karen taught me this trick and I am very grateful. Plus, I think Connor likes the vegetables MORE this way. They are cold and seem to be more of a fun food for her in this frozen state. As long as she is chewing and eating them then I am a happy mom!

The only problem is that the only place I can find frozen corn in Brussels is at the Stone Manor grocery store which is 45 minutes away from our house. We carefully guard those kernels! It is baffling to me that frozen corn is not a mainstream food in regular grocery stores here.


Jen_runs said...

I have a confession - I just LOVE eating frozen peas, straight from the packet into the hand into the mouth. So keep it in mind that she may not grow out of it ;-)

Jen xx

Ali Meyer said...

I as well like frozen peas! I haven't had them for a long time, but I think I will try that trick someday! I also ate a lot of frozen green grapes growing up...YUM!