Thursday, April 23, 2009


We had some European trauma this week. Not really, but it definitely feels dramatic in our family! Bob - the stroller - suffered 3 flat tires all at the same time! Don't worry though. Bob is back after an overnight stay at the "bicycle urgent care" and back to full health. Phew. We couldn't do without Bob. I am pretty much grounded without Bob. And it is no fun being grounded when it is GORGEOUS (still!) outside in Brussels.

On Monday Karen and I took the kids to Chateau de la Hulpe (more later). We had three magnificent hours in the outdoors but lost track of time and needed to make a quick beeline back to our car to hit the nap window sweet spot just right. So we decided to leave the park and take the more direct road path. Wrong decision. The "path" got skinnier and skinnier until finally we were bushwhacking through the weeds on the side of the road. Well Bob picked up a stick with long briars in each of the three tires. Luckily I was able to limp to the car and get to a bike shop. Thank goodness Karen knew of a classy bike place where the owner speaks English. That is the confounding factor here - not only do you have to know where to go, but also can they speak English. Because I wouldn't leave our Bob with just anyone you know!

We made it back to Uccle for the much-anticipated Bob pick up and Connor kept saying "Go get Bob! Go get Bob!" We walked from Uccle back home, making a brief stop at the Chatelain market for strawberries ("straw-babies" still to Connor) and a rotisserie chicken from "Le Roi Poulet" for dinner.

Welcome back Bob!!!

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