Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frog and Pig

I feel like I should start with a disclaimer that my child likes to watch videos. It is so taboo these days to admit your child watches television. But mine does. Actually she doesn't WATCH them, but they are on in the background of her active play from time to time. I think they have their place and as long as she isn't zoning out then I am fine with it. And Connor just tunes in for 5 minutes here and there before something else takes her attention. Anyway.....

Connor's new favorite is an oldie but goodie and one of my favorites too. She likes "The Muppets Take Manhattan." Have you seen it? It is all about Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang trying to make it on Broadway as famous celebrities cameo throughout the plot.

Connor's very favorite part of "Pig and Frog" (what she calls the movie) is the scene when Joan Rivers and Miss Piggy are working a department store make up counter. They start giving each other "makeovers" and laughing hysterically. Connor anticipates it saying "Pig laugh!" and "Pig laugh comin'!" I love to watch how her mind works! And I am glad the Muppets still have a place in childhood laughter.

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