Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mama Roma's Pizza and The Best Fries in Brussels

A few weeks ago we had the rare weekend in town and decided to go out on Saturday night for pizza and fries - a nutritious dinner, right? We headed to Mamma Roma in Place Jourdan and ordered yummy pizza. This is a cool place where they have numerous kinds of pizza pies...but instead of paying by the slice they actually weigh your slice and you pay by the weight. I love the pizza here and it was a fun treat. Place Jourdan is right near the EU and there always seems to be English-speakers all around, so there is some comfort in that. Sometimes you just need to hear a little English, you know? After some yummy pizza loaded with veggies and colorful, exotic toppings we walked across the street to what is rumored to be "the best fries in Brussels" at Chez Antoine. There was something exhilarating about the hot fries wrapped in a paper cone. We got them to go and shared one order in the car as we headed home. Yum, yum, yum!

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Shannon, Tony, Grayson & Max said...

I LOVE Mama Roma's pizza. We used to go to the one at Place Chatelain all the time. Mmmm, I miss it!

By the way - best fruit tart in Brussels is sold at Patisserie Solbosch on Rue Tenbosh (just off the Ch. de Waterloo). We like it with strawberries. I've spent months trying to recreate it in my kitchen (and I've gotten pretty close) but try to enjoy the real thing while you can :)