Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Craft Night and Moody Photography

I know I keep going on and on about Dallas and her photography, but I am just mesmerized by it. Last week she had an assignment for her natural light photography course to find a moody shot. She asked if we could shoot some night shots near my apartment and if I could spot her and equipment while she took the photos. I was of course more than happy to tag along.

Seeing the results through her lens makes me love this city all the more. And makes me love living right in the middle of it all! Who would ever guess that this would be my neighborhood?!?! Sounds like Dallas got positive critiques on the assignment - I can see why!
And this one she obviously did not take in the city center, but this is along the road on the way to the Women's Club. Quite a drive, huh? It is one of my favorite parts of the city.Recently Dallas invited me to join several of her friends for my first ever "Craft Night" at her house. Not only does Dallas take awesome photos, she also quilts, sews, and does all kinds of crafty things. I had a lot of fun at craft night. Who knew crafting with friends could be so fun and relaxing?! I brought Connor's birthday party invites to work on. I figured that counted - sort of - as a craft. I am getting excited about Connor's "Old MacDonald" themed party. She is animal-crazy so it is a fun idea to build on.Dallas worked on the Pink Muh-Muh surgery and finished one half of it which she presented to Connor. Connor just went to pieces over having a new Muh-Muh. She snuggled it and rubbed it in her fingers until she fell asleep. Thank you Dallas! And thank you again Mom for finding Pink Muh-Muh!

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