Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bye Bye Julia, Bye Bye August

More friends leaving - this time it is Julia and August in one fell swoop. Boo hoo! On Friday night we went to Le Perroquet in Sablon to wish them well and send them off with some of the best wrap sandwiches in town. Karen and Tony were wonderful to let Connor slumber party at their house for us to enjoy a kid-free night on the town. I think Kirk is still a little uncomfortable with his little girl sleeping over at a boy's house, but things seemed to go well.

Back to Julia and August.....Julia is pregnant and due in June so she needs to scadaddle back to Boston before the flight ban grounds her. Unfortunately Matt still has about a month left to finish work before he can join her and truly anticipate that new baby girl-to-be in their new home and new life.

Thankfully August still has a few more weeks left before she leaves, but her last day of work is tomorrow. She is then taking a month off to travel to Bordeaux, Northern Spain, through the Pyrenees, and Switzerland. Followed by trips to Sicily and Greece before heading back to the States. I know, quite the jet setter!

I am bummed they are leaving Brussels. Both ladies are unbelievable friends to our family. Connor asks regularly for "August!" and "Julia!" They are kind, generous, and thoughtful. And will be friends for the long term, no matter where they live. Travel safe ladies.

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