Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beer Glasses

One interesting production in Europe is this: every type of beer gets a special and unique type of glass. We went to Germany this weekend (more later) and the above example is a good illustration. See how each beer has a matching glass - with the logo and everything. I think they even make the glass in perfect harmony volume-wise with the amount of liquid in the bottle to make for the perfect pour.

I don't really drink much beer - but I find this matchy-ness very intriguing. I know a bar in Brussels that has 2,000 different types of beer on their menu. I wonder if they have 2,000 different beer glasses? And what a nightmare for the dishwasher. What happens if they run out of the right beer glass? Are you out of luck on the beer, or is it ok to put the wrong beer in the wrong glass? Hmmmm. Things to wonder about in the heart of Belgian Beer Country!

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