Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bananas are BACK!

For the first 12 months Connor ate solid foods she was crazy about bananas! Or maybe I should say she was bananas about bananas? She must have eaten at least 2 everyday. Kirk tells me that his E&Y partner, Beth, called them the uber-fruit since they have so many vitamins and nutrients so I was a happy mom! Bring on the uber bananas!

It was to the point that I had to make a detour at the grocery store just to avoid passing the banana bunches. Connor would spy them from across the room and start chanting "Banana!, Banana!, Banana!" And until I could pay for the fruit and get one to her lips while still in the cash register line, there was no mercy.

Then strangely about 6 months ago the banana well ran dry. I couldn't force her to eat a banana. I would buy them and they would rot. There is nothing worse that a rotten banana. So we went banana-less. And there weren't as many grocery store detours necessary.

I don't know if it was because we told Connor about the monkeys in the zoo eating bananas, but all of a sudden the switch turned back on last week and she is back in the banana kick. And I am all happy and we are UBER'D again!

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