Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on Uncle Robin

Thank you to those who sent special prayers to upward and westward for my Uncle Robin on Monday. They must have worked! A miracle has happened. Not only was the surgery successful but the radiation Robin underwent to shrink the tumors left the removed area with only "dead cancer cells" according to pathology reports - so he is now proclaimed cancer-free!!! There couldn't be better news. This means Robin won't even have to endure the chemotherapy treatments we were expecting he would undergo in the coming months. I am so delighted I feel like turning back flips. Kind of puts perspective on my lost Muh-Muh woes, huh? (see previous post).

Congratulations Robin and Ruffin. What an incredible, wonderful blessing.

At the same time I write this in excitement and enthusiasm I think about the prayers sent for those who did not have the same outcome with cancer treatment. Nancy Prater. Jim Millican. Rebecca Connor. And so many more. I think it is important to remember that it isn't that we didn't pray hard enough for them; just that God had another plan for them and their lives.

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