Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kirk's Haircut

Maybe you had noticed. I wasn't the only one who had been putting off getting a haircut... Have you ever known my clean cut husband to have such long hair?!?! This was a photo from this past weekend.
The funny thing is - we live right above several haircut places. But you see Kirk is a "Great Clips" man. He likes to be able to walk right in - no planning, no fuss, and coupons are a bonus. So the language and cultural barriers here are a bit intimidating. Plus who has time for mundane chores like a haircut when there is so much fun traveling to do?!? The other day Kirk actually asked if I wanted to try to cut his hair for him. That his mom used to do it, so maybe I could too? And crazy enough I actually thought about it. I even watched some videos on the internet of "how to cut a man's hair" - then I came to my senses.

Finally yesterday, I bit the bullet and went in to make him an appointment. They were willing to see him this morning at 7:30 AM. So convenient and easy. And now I have my clean cut husband back....

Connor, you still have a little bit of a wait before your haircut, little one!

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Thomas Stromberg said...

Would you be willing to make me an appointment too? =)