Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stick out those lips!

Living with a toddler can just be side-splittingly funny and so touching all wrapped into one little living package. Connor continues to grow and mature. My little baby is now a little girl. Where does the time go? Here are some current cute nuances to remember:

* "arm-ee, arm-ee, arm-ee" --- Getting Connor dressed in the morning is always one of the more challenging parts of the day. But I have found a trick to get her to put her coat on at least. If I hold the coat out and chant "arm-ee" then she smiles and chants arm-ee, arm-ee, arm-ee back and puts her arm in

* "baby crying" --- When we are out and Connor overhears a baby crying she looks at me with big eyes and says "baby crying?" Either as a question or as a matter of fact. It is as if she is full of compassion and empathy for the mysterious crying baby.

* "yummy raisins" etc --- If we are trying to get Connor to eat something we always precede the food name with the adjective "yummy" - so we eat lots of 'yummy peas', 'yummy raisins' and 'yummy pasta'. It is just funny when Connor asks for a food in this way, especially in public. I am sure these French-speakers are baffled by the child asking for yummy crackers and yummy apple.

* Pucker up! --- I don't know why she started doing this one day, but Connor puckers up her lips and sticks them out at us. Just at the most random of times. So naturally we pucker right back! This usually makes Connor bust into laughter as she tries mightily to hold the puckered pose. Which makes it all the more funny. We tried to take a video to demonstrate:

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Dallas said...

Haha, she is so cute.