Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Luck of the Irish

I hope everyone wore green today so as not to be pinched! We made sure we were green from head to toe!!! And our doll from Ireland, Molly O'Connor (we made up the name!) got the royal treatment today.We had a fun day out at the American Women's Club. My friend, Amber, and I did our first volunteer shift at the Library together this morning. It seems a pretty solitary job and involves a snazzy computer system of renewing, loaning, and returning - so we decided we would tackle the job as a duo, at least our first time up to bat. We had a lot of fun catching up on each others' families and adventures.We probably were lenient on one too many overdue fines and laughed in the library more than any librarians ever would...but hey, what can we say?!?

The Women's Club library is made up of donated and purchased ENGLISH LANGUAGE books. You would never know how precious English books are until you go without them for a while - or when the ones you could buy are triple the price of those back in the States. It really is a terrific resource!

See the desk in front. That is our desk where all the fun happens. We even get to stamp the books with due dates in the back. Very official! And then in the above photo on the shelves farthest to the left is my favorite section - there are loads and loads of travel books. I could sit there all day and dream and learn! I always come home with a pile of new guides to enjoy.

After the library fun Amber and I stayed at the cafe for lunch. They were celebrating St. Patrick's Day BIG TIME! Check out the menu and my yummy, yummy lunch:

It was just too GREEN and delicious not to document in photos. There were even green peas and couscous in there, which I would never have thought to add to a salad, but it worked. Amber and I found a friend from our Hints class - Janet - hard at work along with Chef Elizabeth in the kitchen. Janet used to live in Ireland and is a pastry chef by profession so she put her talents to good use this week by creating special Irish delicacies in the cafe.

I went to the grocery store this afternoon with all good intentions of coming home and making a Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight (that seems kinda Irish, right?). I bought all the ingredients and then was too tired to do all the work so that will be a goal for tomorrow. Instead we had grilled cheese sandwiches. And Kirk had Guinness beer. We tried to be festive!

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