Monday, March 23, 2009

Splish Splash, I love taking a bath!

Two products we couldn't live - or more importantly BATHE - without...bath crayons and the Primo Eurotub.First, Connor has taken to bath crayons like a fish to water. She draws all over the tub and is learning her colors this way. Early indications are that she will be a right-hander. She always wants us to write her name. She calls out "name, name, name" beckoning us to write. And we oblige!The other necessity is the Primo Eurotub. It is the actual tub Connor is sitting in. I don't think there is necessarily anything European about it, so I am not sure why the name. But Carol ordered it for us from Amazon when Connor had outgrown her third bathtub and I was on a mad dash to try to find a safe product to help Connor stay upright in the tub. This thing is magic. One end is made for an infant and has a total body support. And then the other end is like a saddle in that there is a straddle spot to keep Connor relatively still. It comes especially in handy in these large, long European baths. It would take a lot longer to fill the actual tub for Connor's baths than it does this little tub.I couldn't live without these!

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Louise said...

I *just* got one of these Primo Euro tubs for Henry. I think Brian about had a heart attack when he saw what a big box it came in. But we're ready for when Henry outgrows the bathroom sink. I hope you all are doing well-- you're so prolific on the blog posts-- keep it up!