Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ring, Ring, Ring

This adorable bell tower is just so, so European! We walk underneath it nearly every time we walk anywhere. And it rings and sings out every 15 minutes so inevitably we have the pleasure of enjoying the melodies on our journey. Each one of the niches has an antique bell ringer and the bells at the bottom help fill out a glorious melody. I was especially touched when at Christmas these bells rang out "Silent Night" to the city. Not sure that would fly with "church and state" back in the US. I found myself singing unconsciously, "Round yon virgin, Mother and Child. Sle-ep in Heavenly Peace" and smiling in surprise. So comforting.
And when Connor hears them she looks up at me and opens her mouth in round delight. Then she says, "Ring, bells; Ring, bells"

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