Friday, March 20, 2009

Potty Training?

We have started talking "Potty" in our house... Connor seems intrigued and approaching readiness. She even has gone successfully a couple of times if we sit there long enough. Guess I had better catch up though because I am not nearly as ready as she. I really dread potty training in Europe. It is not like there are very many clean public restrooms around. Well scratch the clean part, it is not like there are very many public restrooms period. And if you find one you often have to pay to go. It is not usually much but enough to be a headache to be sure you have change ready in an emergency.
And if that wasn't enough of a pain, we love to travel in the car and on the plane. And unlike in the USA the rest stops are every 30-40 miles rather than every 2 miles on the highways. I can already picture these meltdowns. Guess we will have to travel with a potty? But what if the "Gotta go NOW!" cry comes just as the fasten seatbelts light goes on en flight?!? Other than that I am excited. No diapers would rock. So right now we sit a couple of times a day and I read tons of books to Connor.
And I am reading up on "Becoming Pottywise" - as the "Babywise" book was our Baby How To Bible. Hopefully this will give me some good tips. But realistically I think this may just have to be a summertime chore. Any words of wisdom from those who have overcome the potty training hurdle?
(Oh, and I am just finishing this book Saturday - has nothing to do with potty training but a very interesting read for those of you looking for a good new book).


Dallas said...

Great pictures to pull back out someday when she's a teenager. :)

PBJ said...

I feel like I just had lunch with the Willingham’s today. I ate lunch in my office and caught up on your life. It was great. It looks like everything is going well. We sure miss you guys. I am going to go buy “Potty Wise” today. I didn’t even know that book was out there until I read your post. I just started reading “Baby Wise” & “Strong Fathers Strong Daughters” again….I feel like I am studying for a final…which I guess if you think about it, this parenting thing is one of the biggest tests of our lives. I hope Kirk is getting to watch a little March Madness to bad Davidson did not make it into the big dance this year. Reid your photography is getting better each month keep up the great work!! Tell everyone hello for us. Talk to you soon. -Rick