Friday, March 20, 2009

Playing in the Park

For the past week the weather has been crystal clear. The kind of weather people can't stop talking about and smiling about in disbelief. So gorgeous that I feel guilty anytime we are not outside enjoying every sunshiny moment of it. I often wonder if it is really this gorgeous or is it just because the Belgian winters are so cold and grey that the blue now seems that much bluer. I almost hesitate to even write it down on the internet for fear it will disappear at being recognized.
Yesterday we walked up to the Parc du Bruxelles. Connor ran all over the park. She hugged trees and played in the rocks. It was fun to see all her little energy at work. We did make it to the playground, but Connor really loved the freedom of the royal park. I cannot imagine how pretty the park will be when the trees bloom. It is definitely a special spot.
The other special spot in Brussels I like to go to on blue-sky days is the Grand Place. The gilded square sparking in the sunlight drives home the surreal fact that we LIVE in Europe right now. These are usually the moments I have to really stop and pinch myself. It is cute during the weekdays because when we are out and about there are tons of school field trips around us too. Little kids paired with buddies with oversized backpacks - be still my heart. The students usually are quick to ooooh and aaaah over Connor as we walk by.The other challenge I like to give myself on mornings out on the town is to find a church I have never been to before to pop in and look around for "Baby Jesus" (Connor still loves searching Him out)! This day we happened upon a beauty right around the corner from our home. It is tucked right in beside the Grand Place and its exterior would never give away a hint of the treasure inside. It is amazing how many churches are still left for us to discover - even after 5 months here.And finally, about a block away from us is the Bourse building. In front sit 2 large lion statues. Connor adores them. She spots them not just when we walk by, but also in a car if we are driving. She shouts and points, "Lion, Roar! Lion, Roar!"

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