Saturday, March 21, 2009

Elusive "Total" Gas Stations

I have mentioned before that we are very fortunate because Kirk's company provides us with a free car and unlimited free gas within the borders of Belgium. They gave him a gas card to use when filling up. It is a great perk and helps fuel (in both ways!) our passion for travel and spontaneous road trips.
The thing is that Kirk can only use the card at "Total" brand gas stations. So when we travel we end up finding the Total stations closest to the Belgian border and filling up before we leave the country to make the most of the benefit. And then vice-versa we fill up only enough to get us back across the Belgian border and to the nearest Total station when coming back. Pretty sneaky, right?
Well one of my biggest fears is running out of gas on the European highways with Connor in the car. This gas trick doesn't soothe my fears in the least. Kirk is always calm, cool and collected as we seek out the Total station, certain we have nothing to worry about. But I am inside a bundle of nerves wondering if we will beat out the emptying gas tank in time. We have been close a couple of times, at least in my book. And the last quarter tank on our car isn't like US cars. It seems to go much quicker than the other quarters. And I am not sure what the emergency reserve is like - and I don't choose to test it.
So now, to keep me sane, we have a new gas rule. Always overshoot what we need for international travel (it is worth spending the couple extra Euros to save my grey hairs) and when the tank is less than half full in town and we are passing a Total station, stop and fill up! This is one of those classic cases of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" - we just have much different tolerance levels.

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Dallas said...

If you're ever on my side of town and looking for one, there's one just about two blocks down from me.