Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have mentioned it before, but wanted to provide even more of a visual. Organizing and timing the trash departure in Brussels is a complex equation. For all glass we are to accumulate it and then take it to the neighborhood glass containers. It took us a while to figure out exactly where our nearest glass drop point was to our apartment, but it is right behind the St Catherine church a couple of blocks away.
So a couple of times a month we load all the glass into a bag and make the trek, clinking bottles all along the way. I always hold my breath that the drippings of beer, wine and Diet Coke don't ooze down my legs.
Then at the glass sorting stations I throw the bottles in one by one. Green glass in the green bin, brown in brown and so on. I usually position Connor so she can watch with interest. She claps after I throw each one in and you hear it shatter. The holes are only wide enough for me to put them in bottle by bottle.

Just one of the joys of European living!

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