Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Great Haircut Swap

I have heard about "babysitting swaps" and even "wife swaps" but now we have arranged a GREAT Haircut Swap! Karen and I both struggle with being at home moms in a foreign country, with busy toddlers, and getting the most mundane tasks accomplished. Like a simple haircut! So we booked back-to-back appointments yesterday with Victor, the English-speaking hairdresser, and agreed to alternate taking the 2 kids to give the each other a break to relax in the barber's chair. The haircut place was in a small walk-thru mall with a toy store. Wah-la! Nothing like a toy store to waste some time and entertain our little ones.

I think getting a haircut is one of the most relaxing events. I mean what could be better than having someone wash your hair?!? When they let the conditioner set I swear I fell asleep for a few moments. That was until I felt a little wag against my leg. Yes a wag! There was the sweetest lab dog wandering all over the shop. Sorta strange and wonderful all in one. Even if he did wake me from my sink slumber.

I had not had a haircut since October! I was nervous about a European do. And had sorta resigned myself to having overgrown hair and to be a little hippie over here! I am so glad I sucked it up and took the plunge though. I was happy to keep the length in my hair but to get more of a style. I walked home and couldn't help but to glimpse my hair shining and bouncing in the window reflections. I felt like I should have been in a hair product commercial waltzing down the street. It was a bright sunny day and there were street musicians playing everywhere to add to the scene.

Here are our pre and post haircut shots (pre first, followed by post):

We got our haircuts in a place right near Avenue Louise. They have just put up this new "art" exhibit nearby of orange bunnies. They definitely POP!

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