Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Day I Took the BIG Stroller on the Bus....

The day I took the big Bob stroller on the Brussels bus went well!
Bet you didn't think I was going to say that!

Earlier this week I ventured to the Women's Club. I was training to volunteer as a waitress in their cafe while Connor played in Rani's care. I was nervous about maneuvering around and being yelled at in French on the public transport - but my concern was for naught. Our big Bob stroller is warmer and much more protective of Connor. And the trip to the Women's Club is 90 minutes each way. Plus Bob takes the cobblestones much more seamlessly than the rickety umbrella stroller that catches on every edge. I am gaining assertive confidence as a mother over here so I just decided I didn't care what the other travelers thought and I was going to look out for US this time instead of worrying so much about what everyone was thinking!!! There are handicapped spaces on the bus, so the only thing was how to get the stroller off and on the bus. I was so pleased that on both trips there were bus stewards who immediately came to help me in the handicapped bus entrance. Hooray! Connor slept the entire way back. It gives us both so much more freedom to travel with Bob (the stroller).

We also had a Ladies Night Out at the Movies this week. While Karen and I saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic" Tony and Kirk took the kids to McDonald's. It was fun to think of them playing together on a Daddy's Night Out! When I returned home I snuck in Connor's room to whisper goodnight to my dreaming babe. I was surprised to find Connor stripped down to her diaper! She had taken her PJs completely off before falling asleep. Sneaky girl! We had to wake her just to cover and redress her.

It was a day filled with little important memories.

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