Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't Try this at Home

After our Carnival celebration at Binche last week, we had a bowl full of blood oranges from the parade. Connor was pretty uneasy about eating the red oranges so I decided to try to make a Blood Orange Tart. My friend, Kathryn, made a similar recipe several years ago and I remember the delicious the treat fondly. I bought the tart plate below the day after eating Kathryn's tart way back then in hopes of duplicating her dessert. It took me until today to pull it off. Or should I say to attempt to pull it off.I made the "curd" filling 2 days ago. It had to sit for 1-3 days. I was a little nervous that it was not as congealed as it seemed it should be. But onward I continued!
This is my attempt at making my first ever pie crust. I didn't have a rolling pin, so I used Connor's!
I was a little unsure as to if the tart was even going to fit in the freezer to cool.
Luckily it fit by the skin of its teeth.The tart actually looked pretty in the end. Unfortunately when we cut into it the filling did indeed goop out as I feared it would. And the texture didn't really make it appealing. Oh well. It made for pretty photos. Now I know why they call them "blood" oranges - I definitely feel like I put my blood, sweat and tears into this one.
But let's end this post with some cute Connor photos instead of my cooking failure:
Think you've got enough friends in your stroller, Connor?!?
Connor found these beads from a free goodie bag from a movie premier last night.
The necklace and bracelet made for hours of fun!

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Kirk, Reid and Connor said...

I was wondering why Connor's play dough rolling pin was in the sink. It all makes sense now!