Sunday, March 8, 2009

How-How's Sweater

My wonderful aunt Howard (How-How to me) has a sensational talent for knitting. When I was a child she made this incredible bunny rabbit sweater for me complete with cotton tails all over it. I remember it still! It was one of my very favorites! So we were especially excited when How-How made a beautiful Spring green sweater for Connor for her first birthday. When I opened it though it looked huge. I thought, Connor will never be big enough to actually wear this masterpiece. Boy was I wrong. I tried it on her yesterday and it nearly fit. It will be perfect in a few weeks. Just in time for Spring! She will be the best dressed kid in Europe thanks to How-How's love.
The funny part was that when I tried to take the sweater off Connor ran away and hugged it close. She absolutely would not let me take it off of her! How-How, your sweater is a hit! Thank you.

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