Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bowling Balls!

Since we are in town this weekend, we thought we ought to do something very routine and normal. So we tried out the nearby bowling alley. Connor and I met Karen and Brady at the alley and Kirk picked Tony up from work and the guys met us directly there, ready to bowl. We guessed at the European sizes and suited up with the clown shoes for a family bowl-athon!

Little did I know that Karen was actually a league bowler as a child - complete with a monogrammed ball of her own! She and Tony were amazing with a streak of consecutive strikes and spares to start off our frames. Look out! Kirk tried to hold up the Willingham name with a solid performance, but I lost both games and definitely took the award for the most gutter balls. Oh well, we had fun - that is what matters!

Connor was so excited by all the BALLS and the bowling sounds! She kept trying to pick up the heavy bowling balls so we had to watch her (and her toes!) very closely. She and Brady did take turns "helping" us bowl. We got several balls stuck halfway down the alley for lack of force in these cases. Oops!

But mostly the kids ran all around playing chase and shrieking and laughing together. They especially loved sitting at the scoring seats pretending to push all the buttons. They would just laugh and trade seats. We all took turns doing a "happy dance" after every bowl, especially when we actually knocked pins down. The kids would should out "YEAH, Mommy/Daddy!" after each bowl. They also got a kick out of sticking their faces near the "blower fan" at the ball return to let it blow their hair and face. (Don't worry, it is not really a fan that is dangerous - just blows air).
Not sure we are ready to get Connor a monogrammed ball just yet, but we all had a ton of good ole fashioned fun together on our Friday Family Bowl!

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