Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sucre Sale

On Friday mornings after music class, the moms and babes in our group head across the street to a great cafe, Sucre Sale. These were the very first women to take me under wing and help me navigate in a strange and unfamiliar world. Nikki, Cierra, Hariet, and Hesun have become dear friends and I relish our Friday coffees together. All of them have roots in Great Britain or Ireland, but are living here temporarily. And 3 of the 4 are now pregnant with their second babies and all due this summer!Every week we traipse into Sucre Sale with 5 huge strollers and 5 busy toddlers (and 5 chatty moms). We always had the impression that the staff cringed when they saw us coming and drew straws as to who would have to wait our table. But they have a terrific back room area with 2 high chairs so it really is an ideal spot. It never fails that we ALWAYS order the same thing every week. Orange juices all around and croissants for the little ones! And every week it takes an eternity for the juices to come. Since it is freshly-squeezed on the spot our waiter (same guy every time, he must always get the short straw) has to muscle through to crank out so much juice in one sitting. He usually brings it to us exhausted and sore from all the squeezing! He does seem pretty good natured about it though; he is a handsome, 20-something with a twinkle in his eye and a soft heart for our little ones.

Well this week that waiter must have thought he was pretty slick. He let us get settled at the table and instead of coming to get our order, he came directly to the table with 5 LARGE glasses of OJ, already ready. He must have juiced it ahead of time and just had it waiting for us!!! It made me laugh and clap out loud to see his pride in thinking ahead. Sure am glad we actually came this day or there would have been a lot of extra juice.

Brussels is known for having rude wait staff and customer service. And it is true, most act like an imposition to help you. But hats off to Sucre Sale for our dapper waiter who made us feel valued and anticipated in this simple, small act!

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