Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rose Colored Glasses

I am a fairly optimistic, positive, cheerful person. Is it because things are always perfect and always good? No, like everyone I have my share of challenge and obstacles. I just figure it is easier to look on the bright side and find solutions while remembering all our blessings. Where did I learn to do this? As a child, I fell hard for Haley Mills' character, Pollyanna (if you haven't seen it, rent it). Pollyanna's "Glad Game" of always trying to find a purpose or up side for things really made an impact on me. I loved the way the optimism spread through and united the entire community of Harrington town in the tale. "The Glad Game" is a helpful and good mantra to live with - and I hope Connor adopts it. She is such a happy, loving, giggly, and trusting child. I feel a responsibility to keep her on that path. Our copy of the Pollyanna movie is here and waiting for when the time is right for her. So all this to say, Pollyanna and seeing the world through rose colored glasses is all I could think of tonight as I was walking back from the grocery store and this is what I saw on our street.

Have you ever seen anything like that? I always thought 'red sky at night' meant heat (sailors delight), but in this case it might mean more snow is coming? I went up to our apartment and couldn't stop thinking about the cotton candy sky. I managed to take another shot from our bedroom window before the sun set completely.

Everyone here complains about the weather. And it is indeed very gloomy - a lot of the time. But it is such a radical shift from Atlanta. I find the snow beautiful.
On the rooftops and even atop the mounds of downtown trash! (both shots out our apartment windows). The frequent rain is tough but that is what creates all those amazing tulips in this part of the world.

I know it is sometimes annoying to others, but it is this optimism and "rosey" attitude that will help us all in this challenge of living abroad. Connor agrees - she told me in the midst of her hat dress up session today!

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