Monday, February 2, 2009


I realize this post may not interest many, but I want to be sure and remember these verbal firsts - so will document here for us. Some of Connor's new words these days include:

"Baby Home" & "Baby Out" --- Connor chants "baby home" again and again every time we enter our building and when we come in our apartment door with a sense of satisfaction and purpose. It is so fun to think she feels this is our home - even if it is a temporary home. Just goes to prove that home is where the heart is! Then when we come in and I am putting my stuff down Connor starts chanting "baby out" since she wants us to take her out of the stroller. Both are charming commands she uses so appropriately in context. And don't worry - she says please too!

"Connor Willingham" --- Connor finally knows her name and will say it back in a sing song voice. She still struggles with the "C" sound so it really comes out more like "Nonnor" but still adorable. Up until this point she would refer to herself in the 3rd person as "baby" so we are making steps in the right direction.

"Where's Mommy?" --- or where's baby? or where's daddy? Connor puts both hands over your eyes and will say "Where's Mommy?" and then takes them away and we say "Peekaboo" or "There she is" together. The funniest part about this game is that Connor decides to play it at the most random times. In the middle of dinner or while playing with toys she runs over and does it.

"so much" --- as in we love you "so much" - I trust Connor knows our love for her. I love to hear her say "so much" remembering our unconditional love.

"more fun" ---- as in "I want to have more fun" - Things are so full and fun. Life will surely seem dull when we don't have a new European city to discover every weekend. Enjoy the fun now Connor!

"rain rain go away" --- we have to say this one more here than in the USA. She also has the word "umbrella" down pat. But I can't help but stop and chuckle when the rain, rain go away song comes out in perfect context. At least we can stay up beat about the grey, winter weather!

"PU Diaper" --- When Connor has a dirty diaper she alerts me with this saying and also says it over and over while I am changing her. It cracks me up!

"Oh No Elmo!" --- Connor has a book where Elmo loses his blanket over and over again in different ways. He says "Oh no!" every time he loses it. So Connor will get this worried look on her face and repeat Oh No Elmo! back to us. Or she will bring the book to me saying it over and over.

Child development is truly amazing!

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