Sunday, February 1, 2009

Counting to 10

These are two of my new favorite pictures of life with baby in Brussels:

This shot just warms my heart. Connor is so excited when Kirk gets home from work. She hears the door open and RUNS down the hall for a bear hug around Kirk's knees before he even puts his bag down or takes his coat off. Then he changes into his "comfy" clothes, as pictured above, and often reads to Connor. They are quite a father-daughter duo! I like this photo because it is so normal, but to me it is bursting with Connor's personality. She likes to carry as much as she possibly can - just like her mother. Better to load up your arms rather than having to make 2 trips! Connor loves Playdough. She will want me to make a million different shapes from the cookie cutters. We are also using the dough to learn the names of the colors. Most of the time everything is still "green" but she is catching on slowly but surely.

But the most impressive trick in Connor's toolbox is that she has just about mastered counting to 10. Thank you to the book Big Red Barn for helping bring the numbers out. Enjoy the performance (you may have to turn up the volume to be able to hear Connor counting):

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