Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Musee des Beaux Arts

Today was a fun day. We had another bit of snow. I hear all this snow is unusual for Brussels. But we love it. Determined not to stay housebound we went to the Royal Art Museum this afternoon. Once a month they have a free admission day, so we thought why not? Our friends Karen and son Brady met us there.

You may be wondering why I would take a 1.5 year old to an art museum? Truth is I like the feeling of surrounding Connor with culture and art. The rational part of me thinks she probably has no clue of the masterpieces all around, but honestly when we walked into the main hall and glimpsed the magnificent sculptures Connor was so cute - she said "ooooooh" over and over on cue as I pushed her stroller up to each one.

When we went to the exhibit halls, I must say - the art in the museum was wonderful - however the quantity of the works and the layout of the museum left a little to be desired. There were LOTS of stairs down to dark galleries - not the best concept for mothers with strollers (the elevator was broken). There would be 8 paintings and then another set of stairs in a mazelike setup. Nevertheless we had fun and checked this Brussels museum off our to do list together.

By the time we were halfway through the museum Connor had taken off both shoes and socks. Clearly she feels comfortable in the Royal Museum and has a mind of her own!

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