Sunday, September 12, 2010

French Markets

As I finish up this blog I find myself thinking a lot about what I miss in Europe. Our life there seems to slip away so quickly with the march of American life ballooning in. One thing I miss is the fresh approach to food and eating. The markets were heavenly. The French culture takes so much pride in food shopping.There is a special store for bread (boulangerie), another for pastries (patisserie), another for meats (boucherie), for cheese, and for fish.
The approach to living with simple emphasis on choosing quality food products is a stark difference to the 24/7 convenience in America.
I never thought I would miss this, but I do. There is something familiar and familial about this art form. It gives bakers, butchers, and fishermen a pride in their work.
That said - now being home - I have also composed a list of the technologies and conveniences I relish having back:
- garbage disposal
- auto flush on toilets (this totally freaks Connor out though)
- cell phone texting (this took off while we were away)
- bank imaging when you make deposits
- being able to use the washer and dryer at the same time!
- using the dollar instead of the euro (too many coins)
- ice and ice makers

I have had funny, overwhelming experiences too.
- It still takes me hours at the grocery store. I am taken aback by all the choices in products. I mean, do we really need an entire aisle of frozen food meals? The Healthy Choice meals I used to eat so religiously pretty much make my stomach turn.
- In Europe tax and tip are always built into the prices. So it still surprises me to calculate the extra 20%+!

What a difference an ocean makes!

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