Sunday, August 29, 2010

Urban Vibe in Budapest

Budapest was an interesting last adventure rounding out our month of European travel. We saw and did a lot, but at the same time the Iceland volcano grounded flights all over Europe. Not knowing if our flight back to Belgium and later trip to the USA would be impacted, it was difficult for me to focus. The back of my mind kept racing about our travel plans. And everywhere we went we were surrounded by stranded travelers frantically trying to amend their arrangements. No one knew when the volcano would end nor when flights would resume and that uncertainty had us all a little on edge.

Not surprisingly Kirk was much better than me at remaining calm, cool and collected! He took advantage of every moment to wander this amazing city. I was glued to CNN trying to predict our circumstances and chances for getting out!Kirk's walking tour took him to the famous Budapest Parliament and down the Vaci Utca, the Budapest equivalent of Fifth Avenue with high end shopping and fine dining.He found this Gerbeaud Bakery and brought back the most delicious pastries to his napping ladies (us) back at the hotel.We went into some incredible churches in Budapest. Just when I think I have seen it all another church with another display of faith and witness to God's love appears. It still takes my breath away!These photos were from Saint Stephen's Basilica whose landmark dome you can see from all over the city.But of coure, more candles!The Matthias Church on the Pest part of Castle Hill has magnificent roof detail. Budapest's "Great Synagogue" is Europe's largest with a seating capacity of 3,000. Outside the Great Synagogue was a metal tree monument whose willows contained thousands of leaves remembering the Hungarian Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Budapest has an urban depth and vibe we were happy to be a part of - even if it was amidst the volcano uncertainty!

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