Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hungarian Thermal Baths

Budapest has some of the world's finest Turkish baths! Our weary traveling muscles were due some TLC so we headed to the bubbly baths for fun.We grabbed our suits and went to Szechenyi Spa, the largest of the thermal spas in Budapest. Lucky for us it was a warm, blue sky day. The Spa complex was a vast complex of indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steamrooms.Knowing how to move through the processes and facility is a trick in itself. We managed to rent a family changing room, using magnetic bracelets to lock and unlock the doors. It was a pretty tight fit so we got ready as quickly as we could.COME ON MOM AND DAD! I am ready to go swimming!The thermal baths awaited us!I thought about leaving my camera in the changing room but when I saw this scene I was glad I hadn't. The collection of plump round men in their too-small suits drinking and playing chess just made me laugh! Have you ever?!?
The twisty whirlpool in the middle was a treat. As soon as you got close it sucked you in and around kind of like a waterslide does. We had a blast in the warm waters.

We also went to brunch at the Hotel Gellert, another home to famous thermal baths.
We didn't don our suits at this spa, rather we indulged in an opulant brunch. The food was delicious and hit the spot! The cloth napkin elegance of the place was a welcome change from our hotel floor picnics.
Don't forget your bathingsuit if you travel to Budapest. Getting pruny and waterlogged at the Budapest thermal spas is a tourist must.

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