Monday, July 5, 2010

Coming Back to Cambridge

While in college Kirk studied at Magdalene College at Cambridge University. The academic town holds a special, nostalgic place for him. Our grand tour of England would not have been complete without a Cambridge homecoming stop.

Before venturing to the university we paid tribute at the Cambridge American Cemetery. It is honestly shocking how many American cemeteries there are in Europe. We found "our flag" and it helped us feel closer to "the land of the free and home of the brave" half a world away.
Also outside Cambridge is the tiny town of Willingham. Don't blink or you will miss it, but of course we had to stop for the camera op.
Finally we set foot in Cambridge on the bluest, warmest day yet. Shedding our coats we peeped in and out of the college lawns. It was all we could do not to go 'punting' on the river Cam - but on further consideration we thought Connor would likely jump in the water if we tried anything too leisurely like that!
King's College basking in the sunshine!
Connor basking in the sunshine too!
We lunched at "The Eagle" with fish and chips and mushy peas all around!
It was a perfect day out in Cambridge. Kirk remarked how different it felt to be visiting Cambridge as a working parent as compared to his college days living on campus in a dorm. THEN it was his very first trip to Europe. NOW Europe feels like second nature and England in particular like a home away from home. He reflected how leaving Cambridge that summer as a college junior felt so final - if only he could have known how much Europe was in store!

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Looks like a gorgeous day!