Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bodnant Gardens in Wales

Next on our scavenger hunt around Northern Wales we visited Bodnant Gardens overlooking the Snowdonia mountain range. This 80 acre garden was heart-stoppingly gorgeous. While we were a little early for the peak flower season, we did hit the daffodil and rhododendron season during the sweet spot. Connor took Tigger and bounced-bounced-bounced amongst the yellow bulbs!The laughter shots still make me chuckle.
It was clear what a special and sacred spot this is to the Welsh people. I can only imagine when it gets a little warmer there are bunches of brides sealing their marriage amidst this natural beauty. I felt just like we were skipping in the palm of Mother Earth's hands.

There is an upper part and a lower part to the gardens. We of course had to explore every inch. After so much driving it felt great to breathe the fresh, intoxicating mountain air and stretch our legs.

Snowdonia is in the background. Barely - you have to squint. But the snow-capped top was visible despite the clouds.

Bodnant Garden is world-famous for its botanical collections which have been described as a 'poem in greens' . The gardens were created by four generations of the local Aberconwy family.
The famous fifty-five metre long Laburnum arch at Bodnant, is an overwhelming sight in June. Plants and shrubs provide a blaze of colour through Spring and Summer but Autumn is arguably the best time to view the garden. We were there a few months too early so it was pretty bare, but I get goosebumps just imagining this....and thinking we were right there!
Bodnant Gardens entrance fees were covered as a part of our Great British Heritage pass. We may not have found them otherwise. It was fun to run around and enjoy the classic British garden. I think we might have to find a way to return one day in June to see this incredible glowing archway in full glory!

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