Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eden and Tintangel!

The Eden Project in Corwall , England is uber cool. It is the world's largest greenhouse. Inside the artificial biomes are plants collected from around the world. To me these bubbles look like they are ready to pop; they are captivating. It is amazing - and located out in the middle of nowhere. What an incredible concept!You can't leave without feeling greener and even more a part of the world.Kirk was determined to see Tintangel Castle on the coast. The castle is in ruins, but it is the legendary birthplace of King Arthur. We put on our imaginary armor and made our way up the beach path amongst some VERY strong winds .You would never guess this miraculous place is at the end of the long road. There was even a "Merlin's Cave"It was a very blustery day!
When we reached the mountaintop castle ruins Connor was convinced she was royalty. She ran from "room" to "room" in the castle, feeling a sense of ownership of the place. Our little princess!We heard varying reviews of Tintangel Castle before going. I thought it was a rewarding spot. Beautiful and fabled. Who cares if the whole King Arthur lore is imaginary?!? It is all just fun.

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