Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On this day the weather forecast in England was predicted to be horrific. I'm talkin' black clouds and lightening bolts were thumbnail images on the weather sites. Boo hoo. We packed our wellies and umbrellas and set our minds to be happy despite the promise of more wind and rain. Good thing those meteorologists were WRONG. Really wrong!We drove to Cornwall - in the far southwest corner of England - cheering on wave upon wave of ever bluer sky. When we reached the quaint coastal town of Penzance we found a fun, funky place. We also spied this - St. Michael's Mount.Somewhat similar to France's Mont Saint Michel, you can walk upon the causeway only at certain times of the day. Pay attention to the tides so you don't get stuck!Aren't tides one of the strangest phenomena?!?From Penzance (where no, we didn't find any "Pirates") we drove to what is known as "The End of the Earth" - the farthest southwesternmost corner of Great Britain. What else would you expect to see at "The End of the Earth" than random horseriders on the highway!?!? Everyone and everything in England is proper and polite. "Give Way" sounds so kind and gracious. Certainly glides much more elegantly off your tongue than "Yield"Next up was perhaps one of my favorite parts of England. St. Ives, Cornwall. St. Ives blends numerous art galleries and the biggest, widest beach you can imagine. No wonders the artist flock here.All the galleries made me miss my artsy mom. She would go to pieces over this place.Peter Cottontail was hippety hoppin down the bunny trail very soon and the Easter fun was all around.Oh St. Ives. Oh what a beach. Connor was wet and sandy in two seconds flat. But how could we possibly hold her back with this sandy playground beckoning?!?We found a St. Ives beachfront pub to grab fish and chips for lunch. It was the salty, gritty answer to the surprise sunny day.I was honestly sorta sad when we left St. Ives. Isn't the bright pink door just great? I wouldn't have minded pulling out a paintbrush of my own!
St. Ives is a sleepy artist's heaven. What a spot to be inspired! Weather forecasts - be gone. Check out our fabulous day!

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Cozy in Texas said...

I stopped by your lovely blog today. What beautiful pictures. I lived in Cornwall for many years before moving to Texas.
Cozy In Texas