Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beach Bums in Lanzarote

This concludes our time in the Canary Islands. It was really a wonderful, magical spot and the perfect place to kick off our month of adventure. We spent the last days sitting on the beach, walking the boardwalk, and eating!The little rocky cove near our hotel provided the perfect private beach. Connor was very excited to try out her pail and shovels.Quite a backdrop!Don't worry. Kirk was just out of the scope of these photos. But Connor just looked so peaceful lapping in the waves.Paradise found. While Kirk and Connor built sandcastles I walked to the Playa Blanca town to browse and windowshop. It ended up being a LOOOONG walk along the boardwalk - over an hour each way. But it did my body good! And the scenery was gorgeous!The Lanzarote cacti were unlike any I had ever seen before.When I returned it was pool time! Connor looks so big to me in this photo. Somehow I can fast forward to teenagehood when she is hangin' at the pool with friends. Is there any way to stop time or at least put it into slow motion?As we bathed and dressed for dinner I snapped some fun shots. There is something very cleansing about washing off the sand still warm from the beach sun and putting on sundresses.Connor's chosen playspot was in the threshold and curtain of our hotel. Made for a good setup.Of course after dinner we again were off to dance and sing. Connor was once again the life of the party!Click here for full album of our time in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. I am not sure why these uploaded in random order....? Oh well.

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