Saturday, April 17, 2010

Passion Play Tickets for Sale, Sat May 22

We put our names in a lottery a year ago and "won" the privilege to buy tickets to the Oberammagau Passion Play. This storied play about the Passion of Christ takes place only once a decade in the heart of Bavaria - "Sound of Music" country. I was thrilled we were able to get tickets - only problem the tickets were for May 22 and we were scheduled to move back to the USA in April. We thought at the time there would be some way to extend our stay and make it work and have held onto the hope of making it happen, but real life back in the USA beckons. I grew up listening to my grandmother rave about her chance to see the Passion Play after WWII and I am bummed we won't be able to use our tickets. Maybe in 2020?!?Just because we cannot use them, someone else really should. We are asking 90 euros for the pair, but will take best offer. The play is Saturday May 22 and lasts throughout the day (with breaks). It will be a once in a lifetime experience, I am sure. Tickets for the entire summer are sold out...and the freedom of going independently and not through a big tour group is a bonus. Oberammergau is a little over 7 hours drive from Brussels and not far from Munich.
Here is what the Boston Globe wrote last September about the Passion Play:
The Passion Play of Oberammergau comes around a little more often (every decade) than Halley's Comet, but unless you book soon you'll have to wait for the 2020 production to see one of Europe's greatest and longest-running spectacles. When the bubonic plague ravaged Bavaria in 1633, the Oberammergau villagers vowed that if they were spared from further deaths, they would perform a play about the last days, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Except for hiatuses during two wars, they've been at it ever since. The 41st Passion Play takes place daily May 15-Oct. 3, 2010. About 2,500 of the 5,200 villagers are involved with the production, and the performers have been growing their hair and beards since Ash Wednesday 2009. Organizers expect the last of the combined one- and two-day packages of play tickets and lodgings to be sold out in the next month or so. Please contact me if you are interested in our tickets to the Passion Play.


Sara said...

Hi Reid - I wish we could take you up on the tickets, but I don't think we can swing the drive and childcare for our three hooligans. Sounds like an amazing experience.

DC_girlinLondon said...

Hi - do you still have the tickets? My friend and I might be interested (assuming volcanic ash passes and it's safe to book flights again). Thanks-Meredith

(A friend of Jenna Stapleton and fellow EY expat). You can email me at