Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girona, Spain

Last blog from Barcelona - promise! Who knew one long weekend could bring so much onto our travel plates?!We spent our last night in Girona, Spain. Not wanting to leave any tourist stones unturned we ventured into the Old Town to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised with the colorful buildings and charming architecture. It was very quaint and cute. In a way it almost felt Italian.
The ancient cathedral is approached by 86 steps. We cried "mercy" with the Bob and Kirk and I took turns in the church. There was no way we were going to lug the stroller up - sorry Bob! But Connor was perfectly fine with that plan. She enjoyed chasing birds and making a Spanish friend. Can you spot them far below?The cathedral boasts the widest stone vault in Christendom (73 feet).Girona must also be a fashionista of sorts. We spotted yet another Pronovias bridal shop and some other eye-catching designs.Adios Spain! This was our last trip to Spain during this expat experience. By far Spain has been the biggest shocker for me in Western Europe (Poland the biggest shocker in Eastern Europe). From Madrid and Basque country in the North - Andalucia in the South - Santiago de Compestello in the West - Barcelona and Mallorca in the East. You just cannot go wrong with any Spanish destination! We feel extremely fortunate to have flamencoed our way throughout Spain with some of our very best memories inside her borders.

Click here for full album photos of our "Barcelona and all around" trip (they are a little out of order from the way we experienced it, but too much of a pain to rearrange!)

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