Thursday, March 11, 2010

Munich Museums

In Munich we visited two major museums. The first, the Deutsches Museum, is enormous and Germany's answer to our Smithsonian. Wikipedia says this is the world's largest museum of technology and science and indeed we could probably have spent days there and still not have seen a fraction of the collection. I found it a peculiar place from the "underground" mining exhibit to the many airplanes and boats on display. We even saw a full German submarine. Here we are maneuvering around the cave system built in the basement.Supposedly this is the real Wright Brothers plane. Although I am skeptical. For goodness sakes, what is it doing in Germany?Granger, watch out! Man overboard!There are more airplanes and helicopters than you can shake a stick at. The museum layout was challenging to decide where to go next and navigate efficiently.Wow, what a car! Did someone really drive this on the German autobaan?Granger and Connor flap like birds.While Granger went to Dachau we visited the Alte Pinakothek Art Museum. It was a stunning display of "old master paintings." Perhaps it was payback for writing this article, but Connor had an unusually tough time sitting still in this gallery. We had to enter and exit a couple of times, but eventually made it through.This painting (below) of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus escaping to Egypt was especially moving.

Munich museums were fun. Travel exhaustion impacted our viewing endurance a little but I am glad we didn't miss either the Deutsches or Alte Pinakothek Museums.

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